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Cosmetic or plastic surgery is used to alter a person’s appearance for a more desirable look or for functional reasons such as breast reduction to reduce neck and back pain. Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to repair damaged tissue after illness or injury. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, liposuction and ear reshaping. The most common non-surgical procedures include botulinum toxin injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser and intense light treatments.

  • Blepharoplasty
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Micropigmentation
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Body Sculpture
  • Liposuction
  • Gynaecomastia
  • Abdominal Etching
  • Hair Transplantation

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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedures Starting at $21/week

If you are looking for that perfectly rounded butt that can fill those jeans like a dream, then you need to consider the Brazilian butt lift procedure.

Called a BBL for short, this body contouring procedure can go a long way in improving the patient’s natural body-line. Our skilled plastic surgeons use liposuction to sculpt the waist, abdomen, and back, resulting in a smaller waist and an attractive curve at the hips.

  •  Youthful, prominent, perky buttocks
  • A more sensual body profile
  •  Immediate results
  • Look and feel better with or without clothing


A Brazilian butt lift surgery can help overcome the effects of genetics by reshaping the buttocks and surrounding areas, such as the hips, lower back, and thighs. You might consider a Brazilian butt lift to:

  • Improve / restore volume
  • Lift of the lower buttocks
  • Diminish unsightly belly fat
  • Say goodbye to love handles
  • Bye bye bra rolls!
  • Enhance your overall proportions by improving balance between your upper and lower body
  • Reduce visibility of cellulite
  • Help clothing fit more attractively
  • Enhance your self-image & self-confidence
  • Liposuction & fat reduction from trouble areas
  • Give a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape to flat buttocks

And So Much More…


Breast Augmentation Procedures Starting at $21/week

If your breasts never developed, if they shrank, or you have excess skin because of weight loss or pregnancy, or if your breasts just do not have the size or shape you desire–you may benefit from a breast augmentation procedure.

Breast implant procedures can increase the size of the natural breast, enhance cleavage, improve the appearance of excess skin, and lift breasts that have sagged due to age, pregnancy, or weight loss.

Prospective patients can choose from a variety of options such as placement, shape, incision, and size, in order to achieve their breast implant goals.

  • Youthful, prominent, perky breasts
  • A more sensual body profile
  • Immediate results

WHAT YOU GET AT SEDUCTION: Top Quality Care at a Price You Can Afford


From the comfort of your own home, you can provide us with essential information to help us evaluate your candidacy for the procedures that interest you.


A breast augmentation procedure can help overcome the effects of genetics and/or weight loss by reshaping the breasts. You might consider a Breast Augmentation Procedure to:

  • Improve / restore volume
  • Give a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape to breasts
  • Enhance your overall proportions by improving balance between your upper and lower body
  • Ability to wear new or different clothes
  • Beautiful & natural looking results
  • Enhance your self-image & self-confidence
  • Choose the breast size you like
  • Look & feel better without clothes

And So Much More…

It’s no secret that weight loss or having birth can dramatically reduce the breast size and cause breast to sag…

Lucky for you, there is a solution… Breast Augmentation!


Our Dolls LOVE US!

“I have been insecure and self-conscious about my lack of breasts since I was a teenager.” – Breast Implant Patient

Beyond improving your appearance, many women report additional benefits after a breast augmentation procedure such as improvements in their confidence, sex life, and clothing options… things just fit better 😉


Choosing a plastic surgeon can be so scary!

When searching for and choosing the right surgeon for your augmentation procedure, keep in mind that the best option is to find the local plastic surgeons and schedule a consultation to assess if they have the experience required to carry out your procedure.

Dr. Michael Rodriguez

Dr. Michael Rodriguez is a Cosmetic surgeon who specializes in procedures of the face and body. His extraordinary abilities as a surgeon place him in a privileged class of professionals in Miami. In addition to specializing in all the general areas of plastic and reconstructive surgeries, Dr. Michael Rodriguez consistently delivers results often exceeding patient expectations.

Knowledgeable and friendly, Dr. Michael Rodriguez offers remarkable results for plastic surgery patients in Miami, achieving a high rate of patient satisfaction through his vast experience in the field. Book your free consultation today with Dr. Michael Rodriguez to get the look you have always wanted.

Dr. Michael Rodriguez is one of the most popular surgeons of our wonderful team of professionals. Specializing in different areas of cosmetic surgery of the body and face, Dr. M. Rodriguez invites all patients to peruse his work by visiting the photo gallery or requesting a personal consultation where they can learn more about their desired procedure.

Dr. James Worrell, MD

Dr. Worrell receives many recommendations and referrals from patients who are happy with their results. Described by many as “excellent”, patients tell their friends and family about what they can do if they are interested in having the procedure done. Dr. Worrell welcomes all patients who call the office or visit the website to sign up for a consultation and is happy to answer any questions they may have.

Dr. John Sampson

Being board certified for over 25 years, Dr. John Sampson offers you a wealth of knowledge and skill that can only be amassed over a long, successful career in the field. Known for telling it how it is, Dr. Sampson has an impeccable safety record. Dr. Sampson takes the time to educate his patients to ensure they are healthy and fit for surgery.

Delivering stunning results time and time again, Dr. Sampson’s followers have branded themselves the “Sampson Stallions”.


We are passionate about our work. Your satisfaction is our success. We want you to thrive and flourish and our goal is to help you take more than your body to the next level. From non-surgical services to all procedures of the body, our staff focuses on your safety and desires.

Our primary purpose is to help you achieve the goals you have set for your image. As your needs evolve, we always happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services to achieve those goals.

For over 10 years, we have immersed ourselves in the field of aesthetic medicine. In the last several years, we have amassed a cult-like following and are always evolving as technology continues to improve our field.

Seduction is committed to helping you reach your goals, to personalizing your experience, staying abreast of new and innovative techniques, and to making a difference in each life we touch.

Customer Service From the moment you contact Seduction, you become family. Staffed by knowledgeable and caring individuals, more often than not, our patients become lifelong friends.

Professionalism We have a fun side, but your safety comes first. Whether your procedure is next month or next year, we guide you each step of the way to make sure you are as healthy as possible prior to undergoing surgery.

Modern Technology We only use the latest technologies in our facilities resulting in beautiful results, reduced patient risk, and faster recovery times.

Reliable When you become a Seduction Patient, you will likely have many of our mobile numbers allowing you to text or call as questions arise.

Passion. We love what we do. We are not a “dollfactory” churning out nameless or faceless people. We love working with every one of you and accompanying you on this important journey. You will not find a more dedicated, professional, and passionate company that pays so much attention to details.

Retouch policy included.We do not sell “retouch insurance”, it’s built right into your price. If you are not happy, come on back for a retouch.

Location. At Seduction, we have 3 convenient locations in Miami to serve you. Open 6 days a week, walk-ins are always welcome.

6 of 10 People Choose a Doctor Based on a Convenient Location

When a patient chooses a doctor or a plastic surgery facility, the decision process is often driven, not by quality factors, but by simple geography. Check out these surprising and insightful numbers…

3 recent surveys seem to agree; “location” is a highly significant consideration. What’s more, according to recent data, “convenient location” is more than twice as important to consumers selecting a physician or a hospital than success rates or outcome data.

How to Travel to Miami for Plastic Surgery

Traveling to Miami for plastic surgery is soooo common. We constantly see patients from Ohio, New York, Virginia, and Alabama, some even as far as Canada. And it’s no wonder; our fair city has lots to offer! Boasting year-round sunshine, world-class plastic surgeons, and competitive pricing, people from all over the world choose to have their procedures here.

All plastic surgery requires planning, especially when traveling. We have put together some insider tips for all who travel to Miami for plastic surgery. Read on, we put together a step-by-step guide complete with surgical timelines to help you plan for success!

Step 1. First Things First, Do Your Homework

Research online, inquire on Real Self Communities, look at before and after photos, and take advantage of free online consultations.

Achieving the best results really depends on 2 factors:

  1. Choosing the right plastic surgeon. Researching the surgeon’s credentials and experience is important. Getting to know their surgical “style” is also important, so spend time stalking them on social media and scrolling through their before and after galleries.
  2. Your commitment to the recovery process. Plastic surgery is REAL surgery. Recovery can be painful, uncomfortable, and unsightly. The recovery phase is also the most delicate, so it is important to follow post-operative instructions to the letter.

Step 2. Before Scheduling Your Surgery Date

So you did your research and found the right plastic surgeon, time to lock in a date for surgery right? Not quite.

Most plastic surgery patients save for months before finally being able to book their procedure. Protect your investment, and take a few steps to protect your investment before you schedule.

  1. Know your BMI. Short for Body Mass Index, this weight-to-height ratio is used to determine whether you are a candidate for surgery.
  2. Know your surgeon’s maximum allowable BMI. Most surgeons have a maximum BMI threshold. Patients with high a BMI are to lose enough weight to fall within a range considered safe for surgery.

Dr. James Worrell -36

Dr. John Sampson -37

Dr. Michael Rodríguez – 35

Dr. Earl Brewster – 35

  1. Commit to keeping your weight stable. Gaining weight may disqualify you from surgery.
  2. Stop using tobacco products NOW.
  3. Make a list of past and present health conditions. Had asthma as a child? Anemia 10 years ago? List every hospitalization and all conditions.
  4. List all medication you take regularly. Include prescriptions, over the counter medication, and birth control.
  5. Have extra cash for unforeseen expenses. After surgery, you will need money to buy prescription medication; you may need an extra post-surgical garment, food delivery from Uber eats, or other expenses that may arise.

Go to the doctor. If you have not had a checkup in a while, have a one before you schedule. Let your doctor know you are considering having cosmetic surgery. Although you will need to return to your doctor for pre-operative testing and medical clearance, it is wise to have a checkup before you commit to a surgery for which you may not be a candidate.


Seduction is so much more than a plastic surgery facility.


Our surgeons specialize in procedures of the face and body. With over 100 years combined experience, our surgeons, are duly accredited, have impeccable safety records, and have received specialized training for complex procedures that require a keen eye for aesthetic detail, extensive training, and many years’ experience in fat transfer techniques.


Seduction Cosmetic Centers unique care for all patients. It’s a hospital oriented facility with a professional staff that will make you feel at ease and confident of this life changing experience.


No credit? NO PROBLEM. You deserve to be treated like royalty without having to pay royalty fees and that’s why we offer excellent payment plans. With credit or no credit, you can have your procedure done.


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We offer the highest of standards on custumer care and service. We always strive for perfection.

You deserve to be treated like royalty without having to pay royalty fees and that’s what Jardons Medical Center strives for every day. We offer excellent payment plans. With credit or no credit you can have your procedure done.

Life is full of complicated decisions, and this one should not be one of them. Seduction Cosmetic simplifies the decision making process with its organized and professional staff.

We invite you to visit us. Our team of professionals will make of this visit a unique experience.

It’s time to think about yourself and gain the self-esteem, freedom and happiness you’ve been searching for. Give yourself the body of your dreams. Seduction Cosmetic Centers will make your dreams come true.

Quality & Safety is our Culture

Seduction Cosmetic Centers unique care for all patients. It’s a hospital oriented facility. With a professional staff that will make you feel at ease and confident of this life changing experience.

It has been specially designed for your convenience, bringing expertise and quality in cosmetic surgery to your hands. We know that many patients are concerned about procedures performed in an office setting versus a hospital environment. Here at Seduction Cosmetic Centers we offer that hospital environment you’ve been searching for with the most spacious and luxurious facility in the whole South Florida.