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by Seduction Cosmetic | Apr 23, 2015

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A body lift is a surgical procedure that tightens, firms and raises the skin located on the abdomen, waist, groin, hips, buttocks and thighs. Repositioning of the surrounding tissue and removal of excess skin are performed to create a body contour that is both more attractive and youthful in appearance.

  • Tighten your skin
  • Eliminate stretch marks

Who can benefit from a body lift?

People who have body lifts performed normally have large amounts of skin that hang down and are loose on several leg and trunk areas. The ultimate goal of the procedure is to give the patient’s body a normal appearance once the elasticity of the skin has been lost because of age-related or weight loss changes. However, major fat deposits can not be removed by a body lift. Before considering a body lift procedure, a person should be near or at their ideal weight.

Who is a good candidate for a body lift procedure?

Non-smokers who are able to maintain their weight and who are in good overall health. The people who have this procedure performed also need to have expectations about their results that are realistic. If a woman is thinking about getting pregnant, she should delay having a body lift. This is because the results of the surgery in the abdominal region can be seriously compromised by a pregnancy.

Pre-operative considerations

Patients will have pre-op lab tests performed to verify their health status. Smokers will be asked to stop smoking long before the surgery. Patients may also be asked to either start or stop taking certain medications.

Recovery and downtime

The majority of patients will be able to return to their jobs after two or three weeks. However, they will be limited to non-strenuous activities while on the job for at least four to six weeks. Incisions from the surgery must not be exposed to extreme motion, abrasion or force during this period of time.

Complications and risks

  • Recurrent sagging or looseness of skin
  • Permanent or temporary loss/change of skin sensation
  • Persistent fluid accumulation or swelling
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Blood clots
  • Fat or skin tissue death
  • Skin discoloration and/or scarring that are unfavorable
  • Results that are not pleasing visually and need to be corrected surgically
  • Pain that is persistent
  • Pulmonary and cardiac complications
  • Anesthesia risks
  • Wound separation or poor wound healing
  • Hematoma or excessive bleeding

Seeing results

The majority of swelling should go away during the first four to six weeks after the surgery. However, the patient may not see the final result until as much as one or two years later. The contours of the patient’s body will be improved permanently. This is assuming that he or she doesn’t gain or lose a large amount of weight. There will be an eventual loss of firmness that will occur due to factors such as gravity and age.

The scar on the patient will extend around the complete circumference of their body. Surgeons are experienced at placing the scar in an inconspicuous manner. This will allow a patient to wear a bathing suit without the scar being visible. Scars will continue to fade and flatten out for up to a year or more after surgery.

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Cosmetic or plastic surgery is used to alter a person's appearance for a more desirable look or for functional reasons such as breast reduction to reduce neck and back pain. Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to repair damaged tissue after illness or injury. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, breast reduction, eyelid surgery, liposuction and ear reshaping. The most common non-surgical procedures include botulinum toxin injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser and intense light treatments.
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