Gastric Band (Lap Band)

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Adjustable Gastric Band (Lap Band) Surgery in Miami

Achieving weight loss drastically and sustainably is under your fingertips, and our center Seduction Cosmetic Center can help. Our approach to patient care has resulted in zero mortality, zero complications and maximum customer satisfaction. We are the only authorized outpatient facility in Miami Dade for Lap Band Surgery. LAP BAND has been used by bariatric surgeons worldwide to treat obesity. This procedure works similar to an hourglass, it is placed around the upper stomach, dividing it into two parts, to help food pass slower and reduce your intake, producing satiety (fullness).

LAP BAND is a system that is minimally invasive, accurate, adjustable, reversible, fast and has a wide safety margin.

Although it is a surgical treatment that is performed by laparoscopic surgery it involves low risk and provides excellent results in patients who need the treatment. The technology incorporated in this system allows the surgeon to adjust the bariatric device according to the evolution of the patient and without the need for further surgery. Thus, weight reduction is constant, but with a speed controlled properly.

Another advantage of this procedure is that it is reversible, meaning that the patient can remove the band after changing their lifestyle. Patients can reduce up to 60% of overweight in two years, provided they maintain a low calorie diet and exercise regularly. Let Seduction Cosmetic Centers team of specialists work with you to achieve a successful life change.


You may qualify for the LAP BAND System if:

  • You are 18 or older.
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is > 40 or weigh at least twice your ideal weight or are at least 100 pounds over your ideal weight.
  • Have been overweight for more than 5 years.
  • Serious attempts to lose weight have had only short-term success.
  • Not suffering from any other disease that could have caused the obesity.
  • Are prepared to make fundamental changes in your eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Are willing to continue under the supervision of the specialist that is in charge of your treatment.
  • Do not drink alcohol in excess.

If you do not meet the criteria of BMI (Body Mass Index) or the weight requirements, you could still be considered for surgery if your BMI (Body Mass Index) is greater than 35 and you suffer from serious health problems about your weight.


The lap band surgery or gastric bypass is performed in a period of 1 hour approximately.Seduction Cosmetic Centers patients leave the center the day after they undergo surgery and can be incorporated into their routine in one to three weeks, depending on the kind of work he/she does. Heavy lifting (over 10 pounds) is not allowed for four to six weeks after surgery.

You will always have the support of Seduction Cosmetic Centers dedicated team of doctors and professionals. Before the surgery and long term they work with each patient in their nutrition, exercise, psychological and physical needs.

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