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The best way to maintain the high standards of safety and optimal results is to count with a team of surgeons and doctors of the highest level. The team of Surgeons of Seduction Cosmetic Center is certified and guaranteed to provide surgery with a high level of security and guarantees for the patient.

Seduction Cosmetic Center

Our work ensures that doctors are present during the preoperative, operative and postoperative period to ensure the experience to be the least traumatic and painful as possible.

Seduction Cosmetic Center constantly trains its staff to make your experience comfortable and safe. We have a team of top surgeons and you will be seen by a select team of nurses, anesthesiologists and psychologists.

The BEST Cosmetic surgery team of the South Florida



Dr. John Sampson, M.D. offers a full range of plastic surgery procedures. Offering both cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Sampson spends time with each of his patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that can achieve an attractive, naturally-enhanced appearance. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery and enjoys seeing firsthand the amazing transformations possible through this type of surgery.


Dr. Abeer is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery® and trained specifically in plastic surgery. Dr. Abeer’s world-class training, her attention to detail and her background in the art provide a unique perspective to make you look and feel your best.

She is a distinguished Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and while most of her 20 years’ experience was in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, she also holds the American Board of General Surgery and a degree in General Surgery form (OHSU).



Throughout my career I have always worked to improve the experience of the patient, whether through researching new and better methods or teaching others to do so. I’ve held research fellowships at the Massachusetts General Hospital through Harvard University and at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I also currently hold scholarships for research from the National Council of Research of Brazil (CNPq) and the Medical College of Wisconsin and a research grant from the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. In 1995 I even received the Bernd Spiessl Research Award for my efforts.


Before I became Dr. True and founded True Plastic Surgery of the Florida Keys, I was an ambitious and eager kid growing up in Ohio. Our family split time between the Midwest and Key Colony Beach, where I quickly fell in love with the laid-back vibe and natural splendor of the Keys. I learned a lot from my father in those days, including how to fly airplanes, and when the time came, I decided I wanted to become a medical practitioner just like him.

He is a distinguished Consultant Plastic Surgeon, and while most of her 20 years’ experience was in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, she also holds the American Board of General Surgery and a degree in General Surgery form (OHSU).

Dr Abdullah


Dr. Ahmed Abdullah, who has built an international reputation for surgical excellence and superb patient care. Dr. Abdullah offers a full range of cosmetic procedures that incorporate the latest medical technologies and advances.


John Edward Nees, MD, is a gifted and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon who wants to help you look and feel your best. He has over four decades of experience in delivering wholly customized cosmetic surgery procedures including facelifts, breast augmentation, liposuction, and fat transfers — also known as the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).


Reconstructive plastic surgery is used to repair damaged tissue after illness or injury. Some of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures are breast augmentation, breast reduction, eye-lid surgery, liposuction and ear reshaping. The most common non-surgical procedures include: injections, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser and in-tense light treatments.
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