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Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

Tummy Tuck MIAMI

It’s one of the most common dilemmas. You’ve just returned from a trip to the beach, or a night out with friends and you’re reminiscing on a wonderful time by looking through the pictures you took. Your smile is as bright and happy as ever, yet when you look at your stomach, you’re met with dismay. Rolls and bulges around your belly and obliques blight your otherwise sleek and sexy figure. You don’t understand, you’ve been watching your diet and exercising regularly, even making sure you blast your abdomen several times a week, so why aren’t you showing a flat tummy in those pictures?

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The simple answer is that for many people, diet and exercise just aren’t enough. The flat stomachs and toned abs that you see on models were never subjected to the fat-adding, skin-loosening trials of a pregnancy, and they’re certainly not the victims of genetics that just don’t include such attractive features. If you’re one of many women who struggle with your stomach, a tummy tuck may be exactly what you need.

For women who will not be undergoing any pregnancies or putting on significant weight in the future, the skin, fat and muscles of the abdomen can be surgically altered to lay flatter and tighter to the body.

Simply put, a tummy tuck is the surgical removal of excess skin and fat around the abdomen (and sometimes a surgical tightening of the abdominal muscles), creating a more tightly contoured, flatter stomach. To create this effect, an incision is made just above the pubic area. Skin and fat tissues are lifted up and, in the case of a full tummy tuck, the abdominal muscles are sutured together to firm up the abdominal area, helping to create a tighter belly. The skin and fat are then stretched down and the excess skin and fat that reach below the suture are removed. The procedure is often accompanied by liposuction to remove accompanying deposits of fat, although this is not a necessary accompaniment.

When will I see
the effects?

Recovery from this procedure will generally take a couple of months, although bruising and swelling will subside within several weeks, during which time compression garments and drainage tubes will be used to minimize these side effects and keep the site of the operation clean.

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Once a full recovery is made, you’ll be left with less skin and fat on your abdomen, making for a flatter, sexier tummy to compliment the rest of your figure. The effects of the tummy tuck are generally long-lasting, as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Why is a tummy tuck
right for me?

The beauty of the tummy tuck is that it allows people to achieve flat, sexy stomachs who might never have been able to do so. There may be a fairly universal standard of what makes the body beautiful, but that doesn’t mean there’s a universal body that adheres to that standard. Some people are born with abs that require minimal attention, stomachs that remain skinny no matter what, but the fact is, most people aren’t. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t still be able to feel that same empowering attractiveness, though.

At the end of the day, that’s really what getting a tummy tuck is all about: empowering yourself with the sexually attractive form you work so hard for. Countless crunches, daily runs, a diet that would make any fitness fanatic proud, these all make you the healthy, beautiful woman you are, but if your body doesn’t cooperate, it really can be devastating. Every time you go to the mirror for the pinch test and find a persistent layer of fat or a few stray rolls it can feel like you’ve just been running in place all this time. It can cause you to feel a distorted sense of unattractiveness that you do not deserve. The tummy tuck is about banishing this misplaced feeling of “not good enough”. When you’ve done everything else right, the tummy tuck forms the missing piece to the puzzle of your truly striking and sensual form.
If it feels like you’ve been doing everything right and it’s still not enough, then consider getting evaluated for a tummy tuck today.

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